Salim Muhammad Kuli

Indo Persian  poet of 17th Century AD. Died 1648, and was buried in Kashmir.

Kuli was not formally educated. A native of the Shamlu tribe of the Turks and was a native of Tehran. In Persian he served under Mirza Ald Allah Khan, the Governor of Gilan.

Salim addressed his poems to Safawid rulers such as Shah Abbass 1 and also Shah Safi.

In 1631 he travelled to India to seek patronage, where he became the poet leurete and attached himself to Mir Abd Salam Mashadi who became Governor of Deccan.

His Diwan comprises poems representing Kasida, Ghazal, Kita, Rubai, and Mathnawi.

Dhabih Allah Safi places 9000 couplets in his Diwan.

Although he is accused of borrowing from other poets , it is accepted that his output contained many unique themes.

He wrote a number of mathnawis, these include 1) Poem on Kashmir. 2) Kada wa Kader ( Fate & Destiny ) 3) Dar Tarif i asp ( In parise of a horse ) 4) Dar tarif i bahar ( In parise of spring ). 5) Dar Tarif i Sarma ( In praise of winter ) 6) Khar i dallal ( The brokers Donkey ) 7) Dar Shikayat i ruzgar ( Complaint against the world ).

He is known for his expert use of Similies and the figure of speech called ” IHAM ” -ambiquity.