Sharif al Din Ali Yazdi

Persian historian and poet of the Timurid period.

Born in Yazd ( d. 1454 ), he was the favourite of the Timurid ruler Shah Rukh and in 1429 became tutor to the captured young Cingzid Yunus Khan, to whom he dedicated many poems.

Yazdi had a high reputation as a literati and poet.

He wrote poetry under the takahluss of Sharaf, he wrote a commentary  on the Burda ode of al Basiri, a work on the magic squares and a work on riddles: he compiled an anthology of Arabic and Persian poetry and he left behined a collection of ” Insha “.

His main fame stems from his Zafar Nama, a euphistic, hence much admired at the time, history in Persian of Timur and his grandson Khalil Sultan.

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