Mohammad Ali Khan. Prominent Persian poet of Kadjar period.

Born in 1813 ( AD ), he moved to Esfahan where he completed his vocation and discovered his poetic vocation.

He succeeded Kaani as the foremost poet of Nasir al Din Shahs court where he was entitled ” Khan “.

Surush died in 1868 and was buried at Qom ( modern day Iran ). His work followed that of Anwari, Muizzi, and Farukhi. His main work was that of Kasidas. He also composed a Mathnawi, ” Urdibihisht Name “, and also ” Rawdat al Asrar “- these works of his are the most famous.

The former which comprises 900 couplets represents the life of the Prophet. The second , published in 1869, and deals with the tragic events in Kerbala.

Surush also wrote the history of the kadjar dynasty.He also translated 1001 nights into Persian.

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