Mihyar b Marzawayh al daylami Abu `l-Husayn-

A poet who used the Arabic language , originally a Zoroastrian but becoming a convert to Islam in 1004AD at the hands of al Sharif al-Radi ( d.1016 AD ), dying in 1037.

The famous Shia poets and “nakib “of the descendants of the Prophet took charge of the4 education of this young protege. They naturally took care of  him also to teach him the rules of versification. He was protected by the Sharif and left behined an extensive Diwan. He copied his master and attempted almost all the genres of poetry.

Mihyar excelled in the ghazal , friendly or amorous rep

roach ( itab ) and the marthiya.

His poem where he laments the death of his master is considered to be a masterpiece is used as a basis of comparison. The Sunni scholars who condemned him for his conversion nevertheless consider his poetry to be of  ” extreme beauty “.

Ibn Taghribardi and also the Spaniard Ibn Bassam are said to have praised him highly.

I critic like Ali Dj al Tahir of the 20th century AD considers that the decline of the Arabic poetry begins after Mihyar and that the Saldjuk period is characterised by a tendency to imitation and even towards making a pastiche of l Rida and his pupil.