Salman i Sawadji

Jamal al Din Salman b.Muhammad-i- Sawadji

Persian poet , and panegyrist of Djalayirids ( a Mongol dynasty ). Born in the 14th century AD in Sawa ( modern day Iran ). Died 1376.

His Father held the post of Financial Administrator of the Ilkhanids and amongst the patrons of Salman was the Vizier , Ghiyath al Din Muhammad b. Rashid al Din Fadl Allah.

It was Dilshad Khatoon , widow of IIlkhan Abu Said who encouraged Salman to move to Baghdad and join the Court of her new husband, Hassan i Buzurg (d.1356 )- founder of the Djalayrid dynasty. Here Salman became the teacher of Buzurgs son – Owais.

Most of Salmans kasidas and panegyric kasidas are in praise of the Sultans , Hasan and Owais, and most notably Dilshad Khatoon.

His service made him a wealthy man, even though his health was reported to be poor.

Under Owais` successor Husayn ( 1374-1382 ) he fell from favour because he sided with Shah Shudja.

His poetic work comprises about 21000 bayts, his diwan ( kasidas, tarkibat, tardijat, kitas, ghazals, rubais, and a saki name.

In his kasidas, Salman continues the trdition of the great classical masters such as Anwari, and Kemal al din Ismail.

In the ghazal he is often on par with his contemporary , Hafiz.

His mathnwai – Djamshid a Khurshid was adapted in Anatolian Turkish version by Ahmedi ( d.1412 ) AD.

However, his works have not been part of a critical study.

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