Zahir-i- Faryabi

Zahir al din Abu al Fadl Tahir b.Muhammad Al Faryabi-

Persian poet of 12th century AD, born at Faryab  ( modren day Afghanistan ) on 1156 AD.

Faryabi served a number of patrons and was also a Court poet to the ruler of Nishapur and eventually retired in Tabriz where he died in 1201 AD and was buried in the cemetery of the poets , called Surkhab.

His Diwan was collected by Shams i Sudjasi and his best preserved works are Kasidas and Mutkattat.

In the 13th century AD , the critical comparison between Anwari and Zahir became a topic of literary discussion where the poets Hamgar and Imami participated and objected to Zahirs extravagant use of hyperbole.

His style of writing has been characterised as polished and graceful. However , he is often wrongly attributed works of other poets such as  Zahir. Also some Kasidas of Tabasi are credited to him wrongly also.

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