Mihiri Khatun

Important Turkish poetess who lived towards the end of the 15th century AD. She was the descendent of Pir Ilyas and her father was a Kadi wo wrote poetry under the Makhlas Belayi.

Mihri belonged to the literary circle of Price Ahmed and almost all her Kasidas in her diwan are addressed to him. She is known to have fallen in love numerous times and sang of her loves in her Ghazals and the ` tedhkiredjis ` She recited a ghazal on Iskander Celebi in which she names him in an ` ilham `( allusion ). She is reputed to have been beautiful and un married.

Mihri Khatun was well educated and versed in Persian poetic imagery and art of rhetoricall embellishment to venture into writing Diwan poetry.  Mihri is reputed to have been beautiful but un married and made the poet Nedjati ( d.1509 AD ) her chief model and many of her poems are ` Nazires ` ( parallels ) to his. It is said that this irritated him somewhat , as her manner at times could be self congratulatory.

However, she did not reach this level of accomplishment. But what she did achieve in her poetry was the striking impact of feeling. Her metaphors and similies were conventional.

Mihri left a Diwan and a treatise of rhyme. She died in Amasya in 1512 AD.

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