Mawla Celebi

Ali Mustafa b. Ahmad b.Abd al Mawla Celebi

One of the most oustanding reprsentatives of Turkish literature of the 16th Century ( AD ).

Born in 1541 at Gallipoli and a pupil of Sururi and also Muhyl al Din. He presented the ” Mihr u Mah ” , which determined his career.

In 1572 he compiled the ” Heft Madjis” . He also compiled Kasidas, and Ghazals in Turkish.

Celebi dedicated to the Sultan his ” Mirat al Awalim “, which gives account of the miracles of creation and the life of the Prophet of Islam. He also traced history down to his own times.

From 1592 to 1599 he wrote his great work ” Kunh al Akhbar ” , about history , in particular Ottoman history.

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