Turkish and Persian poet. He was born in Baghdad and because of his diseased condition ( barash ) , he was called Aladja ( blotchy ) Basiri.

He grew up in the scholarly mileu of Harat , and frequented the circles of Sultan Husayn Baykhara , Djami , and Nawai.

Basiri is mentioned amongst the poets Selim 1 , in the supplement written Hakim Muhammad Shah , Kazwini to his Persian translation of the ” Madjlis al Nafais “. Basiri left Herat for Rum before 1492, bringing the books and ghazals of Djami and Nawai and various and various commissions to execute them.

Basiri was also sent as Ambassador to Istanbul.

The testimony is tha

le='Wallstreet Forex Robot'>Wallstreet Forex Robotedding Speeches For All'>Wedding Speeches For Allt Basiri brought the diwan of Nawai to Rum. While he wrote Persian poetry , he had detailed knowledge of Turkish language and literature.  He was much in demand in the Salons of the great. During the reign of Suleyman he was one of the associates of the defterdar Iskander Celebi and was given an income from the treasury. His works in Turkish and Persian showed that he had a profound knowledge of the sciences which were concomitant of peotry and on which poetry fed.

His poetry is closer to that of 15th century Persia and the chief aspects of his poetry are the devices of ” djinas ” and ” iham ”

Basiri died in Istanbul aged 70.