Al Basir

Abu Ali al Fadl b. Djafar b. Al Fadl b.Yunus al anbari al Nakhani al Kitab.

Poet and letter writer letter writer of the 9th century AD. Al Basir was born in Kufa ( modern day Iraq ) into a family of Persian origin . On account of his blindness he was nicknamed al Basir and al Darir.  When Samara was built in 836 AD , he went to the new capital and inspite of his strong shia leanings he eulogised al Mutasim and his successors.

He was acquainted with Abu l-Ayna Said b. Humayd , Ibn Abi Tahir, Abu Hiffan, and other men of letters. They addressed to each other witty


Al Basir was a gifted writer and some of his admirers ranked him higher then Djarir. He had a poor opinion of the poetry of Abu Nuwas and Muslim b Walid. His Diwan and collections of letters are lost. Amongst the verses that have come down to us , are some , that can be dated , eg, a poem composed in 861 AD , a few lines of a poem urging al Mustafain in 863 AD to appoint Al Abbass heir apparrent.  Also congratulatory verses on the occassion ofb the accession of al Mutazz to the throne.

Ibn Hadjar places his death in the reign of al- Mutammid ( 870- 892 AD ).