Arif Hikmat Bey

Born in 1786 and was the Shaykh al Islam from 1845 to 1854. He was one of the last representatives of classical Turkish poetry.
Hikmat was descended from a family of high officials and became Molla of Jerusalem ( 1816 ) , then of Cairo ( 1820 ), and then of Medina ( 1823 ).

He maintained relations with the principle poets of his day- Esad Efendi, Ziwer Pacha, and Tahiresolam. He himself wrote poetry and his diwan , which contains poems in Turkish, Arabic and Persian , is considered to be one of the last works of note of the old school of Turkish poetry. In it may be perceived the influence of Nef`i, Nabi, Nedim.

His Diwan was printed in Istanbul in 1867 AD, his works are many.

He enjoyed great fame during his lifetime and Namik Kemal wrote that he was with Tahir Selam, the most notable poet of the era of Mehmud 11.

He died in 1858 AD.

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