Khawaja Mir Nasir Audalib-

Born in Delhi in 1720 and claimed descent from Al Askari. He is considered to be one of the 4 pillars of Urdu poetry.

Dard is said to have received his early education from his Father at home. His Father is known to have written ” Nala i Andalib “- a Persian work on metaphysical aspects.

Dard attained proficiency in both traditional and rational sciences.

He started life as a soldier and had attempted to secure land for himself but had failed at this and at the age of 20 withdrew into asthetic life. In 1758 at the age of 39 he succeeded his Father as spiritual Head of the Chistiya and Naqshbandi Sufi Order.

Dard entered into dispute with those who considered music to be a sin. He held that devotional music was ” ordained by God “  and hosted music evenings at his home every fortnight where the King Bahadur Shah 1 also attended.

He wrote his first work at the age of 15. His Diwan is famous but his magnus opus is the ” Ilm al Kitabi ” , which is a work on Suluk ( a mystical path in Sufism ).

Dard died in 1785 and is buried at Shahjahanabad, India.

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