The word means ” freeing oneself, escaping from something ”

It is a technical term of literary usage and has a 1) Literary form and is used as a transition from the introduction to the subsequent themes.

From the Abbassid times poets and critics favoured transitions by means of one or two lines serving as a link between the 2 sections.

2) As a pen name. In Persian literature it was linked to takhallus and the synonymous makhlas viz that o

f a pen name.

The Persian rheorics only know it in the sense of a “transition ” in a poem, commonly found in Arabic textbooks. Often poets changed their names from poem to poem or language to language.

The pen name is best known for its use in concluding passages of classical Persian Ghazal. In the 12th century its convention was not fully established although it was well known to early court poets, but not as a result of a rise in Sufi poetry.