Shawkat Bukhari

Muhammad Ishak Shawkat Bukhari-

Persian poet of 17th century AD. He was the son of a money changer and took up the same profession for a time and then left for Khurasan, after which he arrived in Herat and entered the service of the Governor Safi Kuli Khan Shamlu.

However, after a time he left for Ishfahan and lived the rest of his life inpoverty.

There are assertions that Shawkat had for a time used the pen name  Nazuk. His Diwan contains Kasidas, Ghazals, Kitas, and Rubais. Most of his Kasidas are in praise of Imam Reda and then his patron Saad al din Shawkat.

He is said to have popularised the Indian style of the Ghazal ( sabak e hind ), although he did not get held in high esteem by Persian poets. and according to Gibb ” continued for more then half a century to be a guiding star for the majority of Ottoman poets .”

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