Shams al Shuara Kamal al Din-

Persian poet of the early Safawid period. Born in 1500 Ad in Kashan and was a drapper by trade but became a professional poet.

His work was appreciated at the Safawid Court and he also had contacts with the Mughal Kings of Deccan ( India ), where Akbar was also his patron and also the Khan i Khanan , Mirza Abd al Rahman.

Kashani wrote Kasidas and also other genres of court poetry. He became an expert on enigmatic verse and poetical chronograms. He also wrote love poetry and his collected works contain several collections of “ghazliyat “, a cycle of 64 ghazals  , which bears the title “Djaliyya ” – named ater the dancer Shatir Djalal from Ishfahan. He was infatuated with Djalal.


gies constituted another element of importance in his art. His best achievement in this genre were those of a religious nature.

Iskander Munshi reports that Shah Tahmasp refused to award him anymore since such praise was befitting for the Holy Imams only.

This Royal injunction stimulated the development of Shia poetry in Safawid Iran.

In addition to hyms he also wrote on martyred Shia Imams, these writings gave him lasting fame.

The most famous work of Kashani was the ” Duwazdah Bandh ” in mourning of Imam Hussain. His works were collected by his friend , in accordance with his wishes, the anthologist Takial din Muhammad Kashani , who also added a preface to his ” Kulliyat “