Insha Allah Khan-

A leading and historic figure of Urdu literature. Born in 1757 in Murshiabad  ( India ) and whose family hailed from Irag.

After having received a classical education in Arabic, Persian , and Turkish. He had compiled a Diwan of Urdu ghazals whilst still a child and in adulthood lived in Lucknow and Awadh where

he received a salary..

Insha was considered a pioneer of Urdu and he was the first significant poet to write in Rikhti.

The following are his significant works-

1) Darya- a leaflet in Persian. 2) Rani Kehti Ki Kahani in Hindi. 3) Silk i Gawhar in Urdu. 4) A diary in Turkish.

He died in obscurity in Lucknow in 1818.